SportsWatch Enterprises, parent company of WatchDog Block Association, is pleased to announce its fourth annual New York Sports Media Person of the Year is recently crowned Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

What's that you say? There still are more than seven months left in 2010? A mere technicality.

Prokhorov clinched the title Wednesday during his whirlwind New York media tour - a worthy followup to his memorable "60 Minutes" interview a few weeks back.

The highlight came in his sitdown with WFAN's Mike Francesa (audio here) at Yankee Stadium, during which he also clinched the line of the year in New York sports media.

Prokhorov: "By the way, I have a question to you: Where is the Mad Dog?"

Francesa: "Where is the Mad Dog? Uhhh. The Mad Dog is working on a different network now. Whoever put you up to that question, we'll get to them later."

Then, adding to the strangeness, Mike attempted to seriously answer Prokhorov's gentle joke of a question.

"Honestly, we worked together for 20 years, 'Mike and the Mad Dog.' And we went our separate ways. Now he works in satellite radio. So we have gone our ways. He's gone into obscurity and I'm still here.

"No, honestly, he's doing very well."

Francesa later told Prokhorov he attended Chris Russo's 50th birthday party.


Previous winners of this prestigious award:

2009: Rex Ryan

2008: Jerry Manuel

2007: Hank Steinbrenner

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