More and more pro sports franchises are experimenting with “dynamic pricing,’’ in which the cost of tickets varies as weather, matchups and the home team’s fortunes fluctuate over time.

It’s kind of like what airlines do with their tickets, only better because to use the ticket you do not have to take off your shoes – which in most stadiums would be a very bad idea anyway.

The reason teams are getting into variable pricing is that it already exists on the increasingly popular, efficient secondary market.

Take the Mets, please. As of Friday, the search engine showed tickets for as low as $2 to Tuesday’s renewal of their storied rivalry with the Brewers.

The cheapest ticket available directly from the Mets on TicketMaster for the game was $15 (not including fees) – more than seven times higher.

You could save the difference and invest it in, um, a stadium beer?

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