New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan speaks during a...

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan speaks during a news conference after an NFL game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in East Rutherford, N.J., on Nov. 10, 2014. Credit: AP / Bill Kostroun

There is little doubt Rex Ryan will be in demand as a defensive coordinator when the Jets presumably fire him after another lost season. (Most delicious possible outcome: Taking over the Giants defense. He wouldn't even have to move!)

But the smart money in the media business is on Ryan spending at least one year collecting paychecks from Woody Johnson and chillaxing in somebody's television studio.

ESPN is the favorite by default, thanks to its volume of programming and bottomless pockets. But Fox might not be able to resist finding a role for him.

How will he do? That is more difficult to predict than you might think, and Ryan is not the no-brainer media star he widely is assumed to be. (Remember: Eric Mangini shocked the world by being good on TV.)

Yes, Rex is a folksy, charming, regular guy and should connect with audience members who can and will imagine watching games with him in a local sports bar.

But Ryan will have to smooth out his presentation on TV, not to turn into a polished product - heaven forbid! - but simply to provide the kind of clear, concise, sound-bite-speak that is part of the job.

Ryan's news conferences often meander as he juggles his natural desire to be honest and upbeat with his natural desire as a football coach to be abstruse and defensive.

As with all things Ryan . . . should be interesting.

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