Jets coach Rex Ryan on set of a commercial for...

Jets coach Rex Ryan on set of a commercial for MetLife that will also feature Giants head coach Tom Coughlin Credit: Jennifer S. Altman

Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan have overlapped as New York’s pro football coaches for six seasons now, the longest such stretch since Bill Parcells and Joe Walton in the 1980s.

But other than Snoopy Bowls and one huge regular-season game in 2011, we rarely see them interact directly.

Until now!

The two will make a joint appearance beginning Sept. 28 in a commercial for MetLife, marking the first time the company has leveraged its relationships with the teams that play in the stadium it sponsors in such a way.

The spot was recorded the day after the Snoopy Bowl in August, but because of conflicting schedules, the coaches did their parts separately and were made to look as if they were sitting next to one another through the magic of video.

Coughlin is not the acting natural Ryan is – remember, Rex had a cameo in Adam Sandler’s “That’s My Boy’’ in 2012 – but the Giants coach was intrigued by the idea of his grandchildren seeing him talk to Charlie Brown on screen.

Now he just has to hope the Giants start winning and he does not end up with rocks in his Halloween bag come late October.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin and Jets coach Rex Ryan for...

Giants coach Tom Coughlin and Jets coach Rex Ryan for use with a story for Sunday's paper by Neil Best in which we break the news of a joint MetLife commercial they are doing together. On TV they will appear as if they are there at the same time. In fact, they were filmed separately and then stitched together digitally. Credit: Jennifer S. Altman

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