Ex-Giant Harry Carson can relate to his former team's current...

Ex-Giant Harry Carson can relate to his former team's current predicament. Credit: Newsday file photo

Whatever its merits as a film, “Concussion,” which opens Friday, continues to shine a spotlight this month on the issue of head injuries in the NFL.

The latest example is a five-part series on SNY’s “SportsNite” news show that premieres Monday night and is headlined, “Head Games: The Concussion Crisis.”

Among those interviewed for the series are doctors from NYU Langone’s Concussion Center, former players Harry Carson, Ray Lucas and Erik Coleman, and Will Smith, the lead actor in the film.

SNY included some excerpted quotes from the series in a news release:


On what is feels like to have a concussion

“I think what it feels like is you’re dazed, not physically but mentally, you’re just dazed.”

On his low point

“I remember once or twice thinking that I should drive my car off the bridge, like getting on the bridge there right outside of Tarrytown, I should accelerate and drive my car right through the guardrail.”

On if he would have played football with the knowledge he has today

“Knowing what I know now, personally from my own personal experiences, and from the experiences of so many other people, I never would have played football.”

On if we would let his grandson play football

“My grandson is six and he doesn’t have a choice and I’ve already told my daughter he’s not playing.”


On if the NFL has failed its former players

“Failed is a big word. I would really like to know what they know… I want to know in 10 years, am I gonna be OK? Like am I gonna be able to walk down the street and not forget where I’m going…. it’s pretty scary.”

On his actions if faced with an ALS diagnosis linked to football injuries

“I’d kill myself anyway right then and there just so they [family] could get the three million [dollars]….I’d roll myself right down the stairs, that would be it.”

On the future of the sport

“CTE is something that’s gonna be in this business for the rest, the duration. The guys are getting bigger. Someone’s gonna die.”

On if he would do it all again

“In a freaking heartbeat.”

JEFF MILLER, NFL Senior Vice President of Health and Safety Policy

NFL statement

“The league has no higher priority than the health and safety of its players. We continue to make changes to our game and invest in independent research that will improve the health and safety of players at all levels and across all sports…. The game is changing, and improving player health and safety will continue to be a priority.”

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