From left to right, hosts Rich Gannon, Adam Schein and...

From left to right, hosts Rich Gannon, Adam Schein and musician Tim McGraw attend SiriusXM's NFL Radio during a live broadcast from Radio Row. (Feb. 2, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

Adam Schein is the host of a nationally televised NFL pregame show, a club that these days is about as exclusive as the one that includes people who merely own a television.

But Schein insists “That Other Pregame Show’’ on CBS Sports Network is something different, essentially an NFL talk show on TV – and that its four hours are not filled with filler.

 “I understand the skepticism,’’ he said, “but I live and breathe the NFL, so I know this: We don’t have enough time to get everything in. We could do this for six hours.’’

That is debatable, but TOPS does have an interesting cast, including former Raiders CEO Amy Trask and former Jets linebacker Bart Scott, a frequent target of Schein last season on SNY’s Jets postgame show.

“Bart understands the [analyst] role and we have talked many times since he got the job about the show,’’ Schein said. “It literally never comes up. I think Bart is a [media] star. You should see his work ethic.’’

These are heady days for Schein, 36, who in addition to TOPS hosts “NFL Monday QB’’ for CBSSN, appears on “Loudmouths’’ for SNY, has a show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and writes a column for

“I love it; I can’t get enough,’’ said Schein, who is known for a loud and, um, distinctive on-air voice. “My passion on shows is genuine. That’s just me.’

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