What’s next for Tiki Barber, now that his ill-fated three-year term at NBC is kaput?

“We’re close to finalizing a deal with Yahoo for their NFL coverage this coming season,’’ his agent, Mark Lepselter said. “He’s had an ongoing relationship with Yahoo the past couple of years.

“We are hopeful there will be a deeper, more expansive relationship with Yahoo. I’ve had discussions with them on that, from [vice president for media] Jimmy Pitaro on down.’’

Barber’s contract with NBC Sports expired after last football season, but he was signed to continue contributing to NBC News.

NBC severed that relationship after reports in April that he had been having an ongoing affair with a woman he met when she was an NBC intern. The timing of the news becoming public was devastating; Barber’s wife, Ginny, was eight months pregnant with twin girls at the time.

“Tiki amicably parted company with NBC,’’ Lepselter said. “Both parties wish each other well . . . A big part for him right now is taking care of his personal life and when that’s all settled other things will fall into place.

“Yeah, there are some personal matters you don’t want out there and he’s been cognizant of that, but by the same token he’s a 35-year-old guy who’s always been active and busy and he’s a little bored right now and wants to get back to work.’’

Lepselter disputed reports Barber will be hard-pressed to meet his financial obligations to Ginny and their four children.

“I can assure you that Tiki has and will always uphold his responsibilities to his kids and to Ginny,’’ he said. “Within the terms of their pending divorce he will always uphold his responsibilities, period. Anything else that’s put out there is complete, utter nonsense.’’

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