It's mid-August. If you can't goof off from work now, when can you?

Here is some interesting reading for that very purpose.

Tim Kurkjian talks about giving up his newspaper box score addiction here.

The New York Times' Deborah Solomon (Cornell Class of '79) interviews Shaq here.

Nike president discusses LeBron, Tiger with Darren (Roslyn) Rovell here.

And here is Rovell on Robinson Cano's new marketing presence.

Mark Herrmann, one of the reporters bleached by the Mets' Bret Sagerhagen in 1993, compares Fred Wilpon's response to the team's difficulties then to that of 2010 here.

That's it. Enjoy the Giants-Jets game. Let me know how it turns out. I retired from preseason games when I retired from the Giants beat.

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