Singer Rick Springfield jams out.

Singer Rick Springfield jams out. Credit: Handout

After eight years it is getting increasingly difficult to uncover sports-related pop culture curios to keep the Sunday editor amused and entertained.

But here’s a doozy: “Turnabout,” an NBC sitcom that debuted 25 years ago in January and lasted a mere seven episodes. I have no recollection of it, as I was busy getting hazed by future fraternity brothers at the time.

Written by the pre-“Hill Street Blues’’ Steven Bochco and starring the pre-“Cagney and Lacey” Sharon Gless, the show concerns a married cosmetics executive and sportswriter who wish they could exchange jobs, and do – along with an exchange of bodies. Long story.

“Now, your job, that’s every little boy’s dream,’’ Gless’ character says in the pilot. “You sit around and you write about football, basketball, baseball. That’s a very fun job, Sam. That is a fun job. I’d trade places with you anytime.’’

(This was a more innocent time, before ESPN, WFAN, Twitter and Bill Belichick.)

Bizarre, dated, sexist hilarity ensues, complete with a cameo appearance by . . . Rick Springfield?

No, really. Most of it can be found on YouTube. That didn’t exist in 1979, either.

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