WFAN morning radio hosts Boomer Esiason, left, and Craig Carton...

WFAN morning radio hosts Boomer Esiason, left, and Craig Carton have been No. 1 in the key male demographics since 2009. Credit: Newsday / Alan Raia

CBS Sports Radio launched last week and can be heard in many major markets, but for now, its primary presence in New York is brief commentaries heard on WFAN from personalities such as Boomer Esiason and Doug Gottlieb.

The key words: "For now."

Currently, CBS' iconic local station, WFAN, is simulcast on 660-AM and 101.9-FM. More people still listen on AM but as that ratio shifts, at some point in 2013, CBS plans to install more national programming on 660.

"The company purchased a $75-million FM station to not only expand WFAN but also to expand our sports offerings," CBS Radio president Dan Mason said. "There's a natural migration of listeners that will want to hear FAN on FM, and that's in process.

"But it also creates a bigger platform, so the long-term goal is to have a two-channel business. That's the long-term goal. You hear the CBS sports minutes on FAN now, but over time, especially as the audience migrates to FM, you will hear more involvement from the sports network, probably."

The two-channel plan will give listeners more options, but it will limit the range of WFAN for people outside the immediate New York area and even on the fringes of it, including eastern Long Island.

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