I don't care how many of my seamhead colleagues insist that most fans are untroubled by the lengths of Yankees-Red Sox games, and that my obsession with this topic is just the tiresome ramblings of an old-timer who recalls when games averaged 2:20 or so.

I reject your assertion. Sorry. There are many fans out there with jobs and spouses and children and other interests who do NOT want games to last 3:46 and 3:48 the first two nights of the season.

Even close ones like the Yanks and Sox have played thus far.

Single 25-year-olds might not have a problem with this, but married 50-year-olds do. Or should.

It's the biggest issue facing the sport, IMHO.

But enough about that. Enjoy the season. See you in November.

(BTW, the guy singing at Fenway in the video is Neil Diamond. Of Erasmus High. In Brooklyn.)

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