It was one of those moments when everyone forever will remember where they were when it happened.

Me? I was minding my own business in a tavern, watching the Yankees game (no audio) with my softball teammates, when YES' Kimberly Jones came on the screen and . . . this happened:


Initially I thought it was just an overly, um, friendly fan trying to get on camera. But I soon learned it was much more than that. OMG.

On one hand, it surely was among the most memorable and hilarious - and, as Jones said, "revolting" - moments in the history of in-game sports reports.

On the other, it will provide ammunition to those who find such reports intrusive and distracting.

Sorry, I don't buy it. When done well by reporters with both insight and a sense of humor - such as Jones and SNY's Kevin Burkhardt - they are a welcome change of pace over the course of an excruciatingly long baseball season.

SNY has been doing it from Day One. YES started doing it just this season.

Here's hoping Pork Chop Chomp doesn't cause YES to second guess the strategy. But a tweak might be in order:

The next time a guy with a beer in one hand and a broom in the other gets in the camera shot . . . run! Or at least ask for a doggie bag to protect vulnerable food products.

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