Yankees president Randy Levine is not a big fan of "The House of Steinbrenner," the upcoming ESPN documentary, debuting Sept. 21.

Here is his take: "Except for the interview with Hal [Steinbrenner], which I thought was exceptional and really should have been expanded, the rest of the documentary is really old, regurgitated stuff, much of it found on the News at 6, and the message of what it was trying to convey I thought was very confusing.

"I think Barbara [Kopple] is a great filmmaker, but unfortunately I think she swung and missed on this one."

Ms. Kopple's response:

"We brought Randy in and he was making comments to the film as he was watching it and at the end of the film he said, 'Why aren't I in the film?' We said, 'We tried. We sent many, many requests for you and for Mr. Cashman,' and we sent him those requests.

"I think some of the feelings that he has are too bad because none of this is regurgitated from the news . . . We got very beautiful, one-time material from people during the last weekend of the stadium closing and we filmed people you’ve never seen before.

"I felt what we struggled to do in this film was really try to be able to give a heartfelt and emotional film from Yankee fans and people who let it all hang out and care.

"I feel the heart of this film and the point of view is very positive . . . I’m very sad. I really wanted him to like it."

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