Miss Fightin' Words once sat next to a producer of Steven Seagal's reality show "Lawman" on a flight. She asked the guy what he thought Seagal, a movie star and black belt in Aikido, would think about mixed martial arts. The producer said he thought that Seagal would think that those UFC fighters were "clowns."

Yeah, well, stick to producing reality shows, fella. Seagal was in the front row at UFC 126 to watch Anderson Silva fight Vitor Belfort. Silva and Seagal embraced before the fight, lending more credence to Silva's statement that Seagal helped teach him the front kick that knocked out Belfort.

Time for some fun word play to carry us through a ho-hum Monday afternoon here in the Fightin' Words offices.

Too bad Belfort was not out of reach of Silva. Silva had Belfort marked for death as the former heavyweight champion stood on deadly ground before crumbling to the floor. Once downed, Belfort was under siege with two punches from Silva, who looked like he was out for justice. Belfort then left the cage with some exit wounds to his ego and reputation, while the MMA world once again learned that Silva is above the law when it comes to his middleweight title. Silva is so hard to kill, the next opponent might have to bring in a machete to stop him.


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