Jens Pulver, foreground, gets caught in a choke hold by...

Jens Pulver, foreground, gets caught in a choke hold by Javier Vazquez in the first round of their featherweight bout at WEC 47. (March 6, 2010) Credit: WEC Photo

Jens Pulver treated his post-fight interview at WEC 47 like his retirement press release, and it was one of the more emotional moments you'll ever see inside the Octagon. Right up there with Chuck Liddell's loss at UFC 97 in Montreal.

The crowd inside the Bell Centre last April believed that was Liddell's last fight. And for most of 2009, that was the case. But he'll be fighting in Vancouver after Season 11 of "The Ultimate Fighter" concludes. That April night, after a knockout loss to Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Liddell couldn't bring himself to say he was done fighting. (Of course, UFC president Dana White had no problem saying it.) Liddell hinted at it, but he couldn't bring himself to say the actual words.

Pulver (22-13-1) gave us a similar situation after his first-round submission loss to Javier Vazquez. Having lost seven of his last eight fights, the WEC featherweight and former UFC lightweight legend is likely done fighting. But he couldn't say it.

The words he could say, though, sounded awfully like a final thank you and farewell to MMA fans around the world who grew to love "Lil Evil." Pulver was an original mixed martial artist -- MMA 1.0, if you will.

Think of it like this: Sure, we all love cable modems these days, but we still remember the days when a 56K modem was bad-ass.

That's Pulver. A dial-up modem in a wired world. Only difference is with Pulver, we don't mind turning back the clock.

Video: WEC fighters show some love for Pulver. (Disregard the lower third on Pulver that says he defeated Javier Vazquez. That's a WEC editing error.)

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