Here's something you don't see as often as you'd think: a post-fight fight.

During his post-fight interview with Gus Johnson inside the cage at Strikeforce Nashville, Jake Shields was accosted by Jason "Mayhem" Miller , who said "What's up, where's my rematch, buddy?"

That turned into a scrum, as Shields and Miller exchanged a few punches. It began as Shields' cornerman, Gilbert Melendez, moved in and bumped into Miller to get him to step back and let Shields have his moment after beating Dan Henderson. Miller shoved Melendez, Melendez shoved Miller and the match was lit.

Everyone already inside the cage rushed to the center and began throwing punches. Was this a boxing match, a WWE battle royale or a Strikeforce event?

Hey, Miller, this ain't an episode of "Bully Beatdown."

The CBS announcers -- Johnson, Mauro Ranallo and Frank Shamrock -- were quiet for a moment then said, in this order: "Wow," "This is ridiculous," "My God," and "Sometimes these things happen in MMA.  A lot of testosterone in the cage. Gentlemen, we're on national television."

This probably won't sit well with CBS and Showtime executives, who hoped to bring the sport to new fans on Saturday night. Then again, maybe this will bring in those new fans. Probably not the ones they wanted, but whatever.

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