Liz Carmouche attempts to submit Ronda Rousey during their women's...

Liz Carmouche attempts to submit Ronda Rousey during their women's bantamweight title at UFC 157 at the t Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. (Feb. 23, 2013) Credit: Getty

Something as simple as moving her blonde hair off her right temple with her finger caused significant pain for Ronda Rousey in the days after her UFC 157 win.

Credit that to Liz Carmouche and her standing rear naked choke submission attempt in their Feb. 23 main event, the first women's MMA match in UFC history.

But that's nothing compared with how Rousey felt the day after her Strikeforce title fight with Sarah Kaufman last August.

“It was like a 49-second match, where the girl didn’t hit me once and I beat her right away," Rousey told Newsday. "I didn’t have a single bruise on me. I was sore for two weeks."


"The fight, the stress of all of it, takes a toll on your body, not so much the match itself," Rousey said.

Yes, the build-up for a fight is long, both in terms of marketing and training. There are news conferences, phone interviews, conference calls, photo shoots, TV and radio spots -- all the things necessary to promote a fight and get people to consume the content and spend a few bucks doing so.

Tack on a training camp that typically lasts anywhere from 8-12 weeks and an MMA fighters carries more weight than what those scales say at weigh-ins.

Once the fight is over, all that kinetic energy and pent-up stress has to go somewhere.

“It feels like my shoulders have dropped three inches," Rousey said. “I almost feel like I melt the next day."

And that's coming from the undefeated UFC bantamweight champion who also competed in two Olympics and won a bronze in Beijing in 2008.

The day after a fight is one giant exhale, like Las Vegas on a Sunday night.

“All the accumulated fatigue that I’ve pretty much been ignoring for the last several weeks, finally, I let it out," Rousey said. “I have to be so sharp all the time with all the interviews and everything like that, my muscles relax, my brain is relaxed."

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