Stitch goes to work on wrapping Matt Serra's hands prior...

Stitch goes to work on wrapping Matt Serra's hands prior to his knockout win over Frank Trigg at UFC 109. (Feb. 6, 2010) Credit: UFC Photo

As consumers of the sport, we see the walk to the octagon and the subsequent fights. We hear the fans scream and the announcers announce. We read the stories and watch the interviews.

What consumers don't typically see, or even think about, is the time fighters put into training and what that really means beyond the hitting of pads, the sledgehammering of tires and running of miles. It means time away from family.

For some fighters, maybe that's fine. For others, not so much.

Put East Meadow's Matt Serra in the latter category.

"That's the hardest part, man" Serra said on Sunday as he drove from his empty home to a training session at his academy in Huntington.

Serra fights Chris Lytle at UFC 119 in Indianapolis on Saturday, and for the past five weeks, he's seen his wife and 2-year-old daughter every other day at best. Going from everyday family life to "When do I see my family next?" can be tough for anyone, especially a family oriented father of a young girl such as Serra.

You'll see on Saturday night, should Serra win, that as soon as the victory camera points in his direction, the first thing he'll say is hello to his little girl, Angelina.


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