By the looks of his face, it seems Tito Ortiz...

By the looks of his face, it seems Tito Ortiz is better these days in front of a microphone than he is in the Octagon. (Nov. 21, 2009) Credit: UFC Photo

Granted, that headline is based solely on what we've seen on camera during the first three episodes of "TUF 11."

But still.

Tito Ortiz appears to be a very good coach. Say what you want about his attitude and antics as a fighter, but Ortiz is wise with a whistle in his hands. Of course, we already know that something crazy happens later in the season with Liddell, and Ortiz may not complete the season.

So while Ortiz is still available on television for us to watch, let's look at two key moves that impressed us:

1) Episode 2

In the second episode, Clayton McKinney of Team Punishment tapped out from a triangle choke by Kyle Noke of Team Liddell. McKinney was furious about tapping to a triangle, and Ortiz quickly saw it as a teaching lesson. What did he do?

Ortiz immediately showed McKinney how to escape such triangles and made him do it twice. All this while McKinney was brooding over the loss. Smart coaching move by an experienced fighter.

2) Episode 3

One of my pet peeves in watching "TUF" fights is that everyone in the background screams out things to do to the fighter inside the octagon. If I were the fighter, I'd be furious. Not only do I have some guy trying to rip my arm or face off, but then I have to listen to a handful of fighters with the same or less experience as me tell me what to do? No thanks. I just want to hear my coach, the more experienced and knowledgeable fighter.

During James Hammortree's loss to Brad Tavares, Ortiz twice told his teammates to shut up so he could coach his fighter. Good work from Ortiz.

Sure, Team Punishment is 0-2 on the show so far, but Ortiz has done some impressive coaching. Or so the cameras have showed.

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