Junior Dos Santos poses for a photo after defeating Frank...

Junior Dos Santos poses for a photo after defeating Frank Mir by knockout in the second round of their UFC 146 heavyweight title bout in Las Vegas. (May 26, 2012) Credit: AP

The last episode of "UFC Primetime" featuring Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos aired Wednesday night. And in keeping with the tradition started two weeks ago, here's my running take on the episode.
— I hope the reactions shown by Javier Mendez and Daniel Cormier watching the quotes from Junior Dos Santos’ camp were real and not staged for the scene.
— Cormier has received more exposure from this UFC 166 "Primetime" series about Cain Velasquez than he has from anything else in the past. Bodes well for him and his trek down to light heavyweight.
— Big fan of the scenes inside the western store. Pretty funny stuff.
— That was quite a bit of car close-ups for a media project lacking “Fast” or “Furious” from its title.
— More medical footage, less “talking while driving” scenes in the future, please. Far more interesting and informative.
— Win or lose (or draw), Dos Santos remains a very likable personality.
— Oooooh, an open floor plan right there in Velasquez’s kitchen and dining room. Nice island in the middle of that kitchen, too. That's worth a few extra bucks on re-sale. (Yes, I watch HGTV when possible.)
— Nice to hear Velasquez talk about why he keeps his emotions in check, at least externally. In today’s world of media saturation and “Look at me, look at me!” and “Why didn’t you Tweet me back?”, it’s thoroughly refreshing to see some old-school restraint.
— JDS: “If we compare the fights, it’s hard to finish me. It’s not hard to finish him.” That’s a solid quote from Dos Santos right there. Good trash-talking without resorting to actual trash-talking.
— Terrific selection of music to close out the episode: “Lonely is the Night” by Billy Squier. I can’t profess to knowing much about the song or artist prior to this episode, but props to the person who selected it. Worked perfectly.

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