James Hinchcliffe celebrates after winning the pole for the Indianapolis...

James Hinchcliffe celebrates after winning the pole for the Indianapolis 500 auto race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Sunday, May 22, 2016. Credit: AP / Jamie Gallagher

Much about the Indianapolis 500 has changed over the past half-century. One thing that has not is its TV home – ABC.

On Sunday, the network will air the race for the 52nd consecutive year, a streak in television sports events exceeded only by CBS and The Masters, which dates to 1956, and ABC and the Little League World Series, which dates to 1963.

In honor of the 100th running of the race, the ESPN/ABC production team will use 100 cameras, and for the first time will stream the event on WatchESPN.

The 100 cameras include three onboard units in 12 different cars and several aerial cameras. The production also will feature 287 microphones, 26 of which will be mounted on cars.

Allen Bestwick will be the lead announcer, joined by analysts Scott Goodyear and Eddie Cheever.

The milestone race helped Indianapolis Motor Speedway completely sell out for the first time in the history of the race. As a result, live coverage will not be blacked out in the Indianapolis area.

This will be the third time the race has been seen live on broadcast television in central Indiana – and the first time since 1950.

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