You're a bunch of sore losers.

Oh, yeah? Well, you're just nervous about having to play us.

Germany and Argentina are heating up the World Cup with a little bit of trash talking ahead of their quarterfinal match tomorrow.

Germany captain Philipp Lahm added to the head games yesterday by essentially calling the Argentines hot heads. "We have to concentrate on our own game. They are temperamental, we'll see how they deal with defeat on Saturday," Lahm said. "They are impulsive, temperamental and they don't know how to lose."

Lahm's comments upped the ante after midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger said Wednesday that Argentina showed no respect for opponents and referees.

Argentina coach Diego Maradona said nerves must be getting to Schweinsteiger. Laughing during an interview Wednesday night with Fox Sports Argentina, Maradona mockingly asked Schweinsteiger whether he was "nervous" and said his players were looking forward to "revenge," referring to the teams' history.

Germany eliminated Argentina on penalty kicks four years ago, also in the quarterfinals, and there were chaotic scenes after the shootout. - AP

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