UPDATE 5:23 P.M.: Well we've now gotten a statement from Victoria herself. She says she's been diagnosed with a mild concussion sustained while she was running sprints in the gym before her match. It apparently had nothing to do with the 106 degree on court weather. Here's the text of the statement.

“I was warming up in the gym prior to my match against Gisela Dulko when I fell while running a sprint. I fell forward and hit my arm and head. I was checked by the medical team before I went on court and they were courtside for monitoring. I felt worse as the match went on, having a headache and feeling dizzy. I also started having trouble seeing and felt weak before I fell. I was taken to the hospital for some medical tests and have been diagnosed with a mild concussion.“


Open Tournament Referee Brian Earley just announced that Victoria Azarenka's fainting spell this morning was not "primarily a heat related illness."

"Victoria Azarenka retired from her match with headache-like symptoms. She was taken to a nearby hospital for diagnostic testing. Out of respect to her pricacy, we cannot give any more details. However, we can say that this does not seem to be primarily a heat-related illness." 

So there you have it. She collapsed while excercising rigorously on a court that's rumored to be around 106 degrees. But it's "not primarily heat-related." Go figure.

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