On the day that 18-year-old Ryan Harrison won his first match -- and was joined by emerging players Sam Querrey and John Isner in the second round -- Andy Roddick looked old and tired.

Roddick won our hearts after his 2003 US Open victory. 

Seven years later he's left us wondering what happened? Where is the scorching server, cannon four-hand and youthful kid in which we've placed our American hopes?

In a year when the reign of Roger has come to an end and given others a chance to capture Grand Slam titles, Roddick lost in the quarters in Australia, third round in France, fourth round at Wimbledon and now, just the second round in his native country.

"Big" John Isner is the newest starlet after his long days journey into night at Wimbledon. Sam Querrey is a punchy youngster. We don't know what to expect with a toddler like Harrison, but his striking start is drawing attention.

The off-season will be a major time for A-Rod to regroup, and there will be many stories about his redemptive road in 2011. 

The question is, will he have already lost his fan base to a brat pack of US upstarts?

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