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Meet Long Island's 2022 valedictorians

One is a head surf instructor, another volunteered with pandas. Get to know more than 145 of the top seniors from high schools across LI.

Amid protests, NRA meets in Texas after school massacre

Former President Donald Trump and other Republican leaders were scheduled to speak at the event.

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AG warns NY retailers to stop price gouging on baby formula

More than 30 retailers in New York, including six on Long Island, received letters from Attorney General Letitia James telling them to stop price gouging on baby formula amid a nationwide shortage.

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His district redrawn, Sen. Jim Gaughran won't seek reelection

A court-ordered redistricting put him in a new district and pits him against another incumbent, Sen. Mario Mattera (R-St. James).

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Carol M. Baldwin, actors' mom, dies at 92

The acting clan's matriarch helped build a breast cancer research center and fund.

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East Rockaway man stockpiled ghost guns, prosecutors say

Authorities say he is facing local charges that could send him to prison for up to 15 years.

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Where to eat on your way to Jones Beach

If you're planning to hit Jones Beach, consider a lunch or dinner stop at any of these eateries.

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Historic and unforgettable Long Island street names

Can you tell me how to get -- how to get to Sesame Street (in Kings Park)? Ever take a walk down Wolf Hill Road in Huntington? Or take a turn down the winding Whiskey Road in Ridge?

Kelp may help shellfish growth in acidified waters, SBU study says

Acidification stunts shell growth, but the study found kelp could offset that impact for species such as oysters, hard-shelled clams and blue mussels.

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'Law enforcement investigation' into outgoing Manhasset schools chief 

Allegations that outgoing superintendent Vincent Butera sexually harassed a teacher led the state Education Department to subpoena the district's records in the case. 

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Geraldine Shanahan, longtime journalist at Newsday and New York Times, dies at 76

As an editorial assistant, Geraldine Shanahan and a team of Newsday reporters received the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for public service a three-year investigation of secret land deals and zoning manipulations by public officials in Suffolk County.

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East Quogue teacher settles lawsuit over 2016 lockdown drill

Terms of the federal suit were not disclosed, but the elementry school educator alleged in her complaint that responding officers from the Southampton Town police department "brutally and violently" threw her down and handcuffed her.

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