Lindsay Lohan attends MTV's "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" series premiere...

Lindsay Lohan attends MTV's "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" series premiere party at Magic Hour Rooftop at The Moxy Times Square on Jan. 7. Credit: AP / Invision / Andy Kropa

Lindsay Lohan has been making the rounds this week to promote "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club,” the star's MTV, Mykonos-set reality show, which premieres Tuesday night.  Here are seven things  we've learned about the LI-raised actress-entrepreneur.

She is not fond of the media nickname "LiLo."

"I don't hate it," Lohan, 32, said on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM radio show Monday. "I'm just -- it's not my name!" she added with a laugh. "It's OK, whatever. … You can [call] someone worse things, so I'm OK with it."

She misses living in the U.S.

"Yeah, of course. I miss seeing my family," Lohan told Variety. "But my brother comes out every other month, and my sister is coming back with me. My mom came to Mykonos, but she didn't want to be there when I was filming. We make time to see each other, and I talk to them every day when I'm in Dubai at odd hours whenever they call."

She has a dating preference in men.

"I like smart businessmen … who … don't have Instagram," she told Cohen amid some crosstalk on his SiriusXM show. She has no beau at present, she said. "I just don't have anyone. I don't have the time right now. … I'm not gonna go searching."

Her new production company has optioned the rights to British author Tina Seskis' 2017 mystery-thriller "The Honeymoon."

Lohan told Variety she has launched Seven Wonders Prods. "And I like that it's just mine and that I don't have to answer to people anymore. I can just do it myself. It's nice to have that power back. I want to keep acting and maybe directing." She added, "I bought a book called 'The Honeymoon.' We'll turn that into either a series or film. I don't know yet." She told Cohen, "I'm writing it with the author of the book."

She was unaware of the "Do the LiLo" viral video until the subsequent dance challenge trended.

"First of all, I don't even know who was filming that at the time because anything we were filming for MTV wouldn't have been released, so I was like, 'Who got that?' " she told Cohen. As for its background, Lohan explained on "Good Morning America" Monday: "This was a day we had a big pride party and a lot of the cast that we have and the VIP hosts, they were doing a really good job and I really wanted everyone to have fun. So they dragged me onstage and this is what happens." She added, "It's almost a mistake now, I think. … I really can't watch it!"

She says she absorbs accents from the people she's around and the locale she's in.
Because she is an actress, she told "Entertainment Tonight" Monday, "I think when I'm around certain dialects it changes each time … and you just pick things up along the way."

She says Tyra Banks wanted her to be in "Life-Size 2," the 2018 Freeform sequel to their 2000 ABC TV-movie, but Lohan declined.
"I'm just on a different path right now, and I have so many things on my plate that I don't want to go backwards and put everything else back on my plate. I'm happy where I am," Lohan told Entertainment Weekly in a story published Monday. 

Lohan is scheduled to appear Wednesday on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

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