Andrew Garcia sings "Can't Buy Me Love" on "American Idol." The guys all gush about how much they love him, "goofiest" person there. He's great friends with Lee Dewyze, they roomed and played their guitars together.

Out there in a suit and yellow shirt; hmmm, a bit countryish, interesting take on the song. Doesn't ring quite true for me, a bit like he's wearing someone else's clothes. He gives it his own unique tempo, but not crazy about it, even though he's very in control.

Randy says solid, bit corny at times, but okay. Ellen says "first of all, you can buy love," cracks up the other judges; she loved it. Kara says she wants to love it, but nothing new, which is exactly right.

Simon says the band overpowered what you were trying to do with the guitar, corny, old-fashioned, irrelevant.

Talking to Ryan, Andrew says, "if that was corny -- damn, I'm corny then!"

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