Now that "Glee" has finished its first season on a high note - New Directions lost the Regionals, but a newly humbled Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) granted the club another year of life - what's a Gleek to do?

Well, for starters you can watch all of season one again, not just on, but on the tube as well. Fox has started re-airing last season's shows in order, Thursdays (rather than Tuesdays) at 9 p.m. "Glee" probably will be one of those shows that will be eminently watchable in reruns. This week's episode is the one in which Will (Matthew Morrison) forms an all-male a cappella group (named Acafellas) who get a surprise visit from Josh Groban. (Groban returned in the finale as a Regionals judge with some Simon Cowell-like digs that put fellow judge Sue in her place.)

But that's not all. By fall, Gleeks will be able to shop for as many as 100 "Glee"-branded products, according to the Los Angeles Times. These include karaoke machines, musical greeting cards, pajamas, games, books, bedding, clothing (a deal with Macy's is in place) and cosmetics. How about a Sue Sylvester track suit? Well, we can dream.

Meanwhile, a familiar TV face may be joining the cast next season. Entertainment Weekly has been reporting that John Stamos - yes, Uncle Jesse! - will show up as Carl the dentist and new love interest of neurotic guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays). We can't wait for the Will vs. Carl smackdown.

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