A Staten Island school chorus that was invited to sing at President Barack Obama's inauguration Jan. 21 but didn't have the money to go to Washington has raised even more cash than it needs to take the trip.

Gregg Breinberg, director of the fifth-grade chorus at P.S. 22 in Graniteville, said a story in amNewYork about the group's need for money to pay for hotel accommodations and buses triggered a cascade of donations.

More than $25,000 poured in, Breinberg said, after the story broke and was picked up by major news outlets.

The surge of generosity, which came during a time of hardship in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, "made our hearts sing," Breinberg said.

More than 100 donors stepped up, with one couple driving down from Boston to deliver a $1,000 check. A group of fifth graders at P.S. 11 in Woodside even sent $225. "The kindness of children helping children: That's beautiful!" said P.S. 22 Principal Melissa Donath.

The chorus has received more than 50 million YouTube hits. The children performed at the 2011 Oscars and have shared the stage with many celebrities.

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