These are the replies from some districts to the Newsday questionnaire regarding the use of new technologies in their classrooms.

Some of the answers are elaborate, and have not been edited or reduced. Some districts did not answer the questions directly.

Elementary Schools

Franklin Early Childhood Center – PreK-Grade 1

An interactive whiteboard (SMART Board) is permanently mounted in 19 classrooms with a mounted data projector. All staff members have access to an interactive whiteboard (SMART Board) for group instruction and/or activities in room 209 and the library. Our goal is to equip all classrooms with an interactive whiteboard (SMART Board) within the next two years. The Library Media Center at the Franklin Early Childhood Center has a card catalog computer. All staff members have access (via the library) to the following: one document camera, four flip video cameras, one camcorder, 13 data projectors and 40 digital cameras.

Hewlett and Ogden Elementary Schools – Grades 2-5:

Each of these classrooms has a SMART Board, which is hooked up to a desktop computer.

Special area teachers, such as music and physical education, each have a desktop workstation and a SMART Board. The Library has five desktop workstations for students to use, a workstation dedicated to the library circulation, one desktop hooked up to the SMART Board, and one desktop workstation for the teacher. The Art Room has three desktop workstations, a SMART board and a Canon document camera.

Ogden’s computer lab is equipped with 30 desktop workstations, one scanner, and one color and one black / white printer available to staff and students. The Library Media Center is equipped with six desktop workstations, one Interactive Smart board and a networked printer. The Library office has three workstations and one printer.

Hewlett’s computer lab is configured with one interactive SMART Board, 30 workstations, 1 scanner, and 1 color and 1 black and white printer, available to students and staff. There are also two mobile SMART Boards mounted on stands, configured with a laptop and projector each. There are also two additional laptops available as loaners to teachers for remote use. There are two network copiers that are accessible to all staff members from any workstation. There are multiple digital cameras available throughout the building.

Woodmere Middle School - Grades 6 - 8

The computer lab has 30 workstations, one color network printer, a scanner, a data projector and an interactive whiteboard. In addition to the classroom workstations, there is one wireless laptop cart, configured with 10 laptops and a printer. There are ten data projectors: four ceiling-mounted and six on mobile carts. There are 18 SMART Boards in selected classrooms. In addition, five Mobile Presenters are used as a substitute for a full interactive whiteboard. There are three network copiers that are accessible to all staff members from any workstation. The network copiers are utilized to scan original documents into a PDF file format.

The Library Media Center is equipped with 10 desktop workstations, one color and one black and white printer. The office has two workstations and one printer. A SMART Board is mounted on the wall of the Library Media Center. A newly designed computer lab sufficient for full-class instruction is available.

George W. Hewlett High School - Grades 9 - 12

Each classroom in the High School is equipped with a teacher workstation and a Numonics Interactive Whiteboard. There are three computer labs with a range of 25 to 30 workstations in business education, computer science and in art. There are two smaller computer labs, one located in the Virtual Enterprise room and one in the Learning Center. There is also a general purpose lab that is equipped with 30 thin clients’ workstations. Our smaller labs are also equipped with network printers.

Our Music Lab has seven workstations to support the music programs. The Learning Center has a 15-workstation lab for the use of students with disabilities.
The High School has a laptop cart configured with 12 laptops. There are 55 data projectors deployed in the High School: 50 are ceiling mounted, and 5 are on mobile carts. There are 48 Numonics Interactive Whiteboards all permanently mounted throughout the building.

The Library Media Center is equipped with 15 thin clients, and a color and black and white printer. The office has four workstations and one printer. Adjacent to the Library Media Center is the Virtual Enterprise room that has 12 workstations.

There is a Tablet PC program which provides Tablet PC’s to teachers and students in grades 10, 11 and 12. The current plan is to add one more grade per year. Students are permitted to use this tool throughout the day and are allowed to take them home after the school day.


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