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The district proposes an $85,199,343 school budget for 2018-19, a 3.29 percent increase from the current $82,486,886. The local tax levy would rise 2.44 percent, from $65,737,442 to $67,341,013.

The increase is equal to the district’s tax cap limit of 2.44 percent, so a simple majority will be required to approve the budget. School taxes on the average single-family house would increase 4.5 percent, from $9,366 to $9,790.

The proposed budget includes estimated teacher salary increases subject to negotiations. It would add 1.6 special education teacher positions, a part-time English as a New Language teacher, 1.5 teacher aide positions and two teacher assistants.

Three propositions are on the ballot. One asks voters to authorize spending $502,750 from the district’s technology replacement reserve fund for instructional technology devices and a districtwide walkie-talkie system. Another authorizes spending $1.75 million from the building renovation, improvement, upgrade and equipment reserve fund to replace doors at South Middle School, renovate bathrooms and locker room facilities at Marion Street School, renovate a bathroom at West End School, and install an elevator at Waverly Park School. One other sets up a $2.5 million reserve fund for districtwide grounds improvements, renovations and alterations.

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Incumbents Lesli Deninno, Robert Paskoff and David Yaker are running unopposed. Terms are three years.

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