These are the replies from some districts to the Newsday questionnaire regarding the use of new technologies in their classrooms.

Some of the answers are elaborate, and have not been edited or reduced. Some districts did not answer the questions directly.

1. Please list any major technological innovations introduced in the classroom in the past three years. Please give the name and list the use for each item.

Here's a summary of some of what is currently being used at Middle Country:
-SMART Board classroom penetration of nearly 50%
-Digital Document cameras in conjunction with SMART Boards (Instantly display images of any object - then transform them into digital lesson content)
-SMART Response System in conjunction with SMART Boards (facilitates quick insight into learning, track student performance and organize assessment results)
-Elementary school mobile labs (30 laptop computer carts)
-Virtual field trips, virtual meetings, eMissions using Skype or proprietary software (Allows students to travel the world without leaving their classroom)
-Paperless high school course selection guide
-Web-based, paperless course selection

2. Please tell us of any major innovations you are planning to introduce within the next year.

Paperless music theory/piano labs
-iPad and iPod touch mobile lab packs
-SMART Table rollout to Kindergarten Centers

3. Are teachers or students using cellphones in the district for instructional purposes?

- Not formally at this time. However, we are currently researching ways to integrate them into the classroom, particularly with resources available with the SMART Response System, within the framework of our district policies.

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