These are the replies from some districts to the Newsday questionnaire regarding the use of new technologies in their classrooms.

Some of the answers are elaborate, and have not been edited or reduced. Some districts did not answer the questions directly.

Port Washington Schools is pleased to have introduced two areas of interactive technology that we are very excited about. The first involves interactive student response systems from Smart Technologies which we have introduced on a pilot basis in select science and math classes at Weber Middle School and Schreiber High School.

These interactive response systems are used in conjunction with SmartBoards and allow teachers to present information and materials in a dynamic manner . Using the response systems students can give instantaneous feedback. In its basis use, it can be used to provide spontaneous feedback on a single newly introduced topic or concept. More advanced uses included conducting quizzes and interactive experiences, where student responses can be analyzed instantly and feedback is immediately available to both the students and teachers.

Another significant initiative is the use of video conferencing/distance learning opportunities for our students. Polycom video conferencing stations have been installed at designated locations in or schools and classes regularly interact with classrooms in other school buildings within our district and with classrooms around the USA and overseas.

In partnership with museums, scientific institutions (NASA) and other cultural organizations we are able to provide remote access to a rich range of content and experience for our students. We are very excited to have had 38 classes participate in the "Read Around the Planet" program this past spring, connecting to other schools throughout the United States and in Britain. This year we are beginning planning for this major week long event and are working to include schools in other European countries as well as working to develop partnerships in South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.


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