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The district proposes a $155,938,460 budget for 2018-19, a 3.12 percent increase from the current $151,222,964. The tax levy would increase 3.15 percent, from $132,859,467 to $137,049,299.

This increase is equal to the district’s tax-cap limit of 3.15 percent, so a simple majority will be required to approve the budget.

School taxes on an average single-family house under the current budget are $12,387. The district said it could not determine how much that would increase until Nassau County provides final assessment figures.

Under the proposed budget, teachers would receive a 0.25 percent contractual raise and a 1.9 percent average step increase.

The spending plan would fund the additional full-time-equivalent of 4.2 teachers and a literacy administrator. Classes, programs and sports would be maintained at current levels.

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Incumbents Larry Greenstein, Nora Johnson and Elizabeth Weisburd are running unopposed for three at-large seats. Terms are three years.

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