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The district proposes a $182,800,829 budget for 2016-17, a 4.2 percent increase from the current $175,425,636. The local tax levy would rise 1.99 percent, from $117,238,413 to $119,571,457.

This increase is below the state’s tax cap of 2.17 percent, so a simple majority vote will be required to approve the budget. The district did not provide details on the dollar amount of school taxes paid on the average single-family home and how much those taxes would increase. They said that information is held by the Nassau County assessor’s office.

The budget funds a cost-of-living increase of 1.5 percent for teachers and a 2 percent average step increase. The budget adds four teachers, four part-time teacher assistants, one nurse and one speech pathologist. It does not call for any cuts in programs or services.

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Incumbents Bruno Cubas and Terri Mangum are running unopposed for their seats. Terms are three years.

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