District 13: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday at Wheeler Avenue School, James A. Dever School, Howell Road School and Willow Road School.

District 24: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday at South Corona Firehouse, William L. Buck School, Brooklyn Avenue School and Robert W. Carbonaro School.

District 30: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday at Clear Stream Avenue School, Shaw Avenue School and Forest Road School.


The district proposes a $117,117,574 budget for 2018-19, a 3.25 percent increase from the current $113,429,221. The tax levy would increase 2.16 percent, from $81,168,511 to $82,919,227.

The increase is equal to the district’s tax-cap limit of 2.16 percent, so a simple majority would approve the budget.

School taxes on the average single-family home would change as follows: in District 13, up 0.06 percent, from $3,846.42 to $3,848.57; in District 24, up 4.72 percent from $3,313.78 to $3,470.24; and in District 30, up 1.09 percent from $3,689.85 to $3,729.90.

Under the proposed budget, teachers would receive a 2 percent increase in salary.

Voters will decide two propositions. One seeks authorization to spend $4,685,000 in capital reserve funds for improvements, including masonry upgrades, compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, auditorium seating, track and field renovations, and refurbishment to bathrooms, elevators, a tennis court and a clinic.

A second proposition would establish a new capital reserve fund for capital improvements, funded at up to $10 million through the transfer of unappropriated fund balances from the general fund and interest accrued on funds over the 10-year term of the fund.

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School board members are not elected. The boards of education in the three component elementary school districts — Valley Stream districts 13, 24 and 30 — each appoint three trustees to the Valley Stream Central High School board. The district, with students in grades 7-12, covers South Valley Stream, much of the Village of Valley Stream and most of North Valley Stream, as well as parts of Elmont, Franklin Square, Lynbrook and Malverne.

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