Garden City junior Catherine McTiernan is challenged for possession of...

Garden City junior Catherine McTiernan is challenged for possession of the ball by Manhasset senior Nicole Sockett during the Nassau Class B final at Hofstra. (June 1, 2011) Credit: Christopher Pasatieri

Caroline Tarzian, Alex Bruno and Mikaela Rix each had 4 goals and 1 assist for Garden City which crusied past Section I champion Yorktown, 15-6, in a Class B semifinal this morning at SUNY-Cortland. Garden City (20-0) will take on Section V champion Brighton (17-3) in the finals tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. Brighton defeated Oswego 15-9 in the other semifinal.

The five-time defending champs and Brighton have a storied history in the state finals. The Trojans defeated Brighton 12-10 in overtime in 2008 and 8-4 in 2006. Brighton defeated Garden City 11-8 in 2005.

Jenna Fuchs had a goal and an assist and Barbara Sullivan and Catherine Dickinson each had a goal for the Trojans.

FINAL: 15-6 Garden City

2nd Half:

15-6 Garden City 3:39: Scott gets a hat trick, the one negative that the Trojans will harp on in order to say they didn't play a flawless game.

15-5 Garden City 10:32: Tarzian nets her fourth, assisted by Rix. Tarzian, Bruno and Rix all with four goals and an assist.

14-5 Garden City 11:50: Katy Cartelli scores on a free position for Yorktown.

14-4 Garden City 17:25: Tarzian gets her hat trick.

13-4 Garden City 18:28: Rix scores her fourth of the day. Fuchs fired a shot and Rix got the rebound behind the net, wrapped around and got the goal.

12-4 Garden City 19:50: Scott scores her second on a bouncing shot through the legs of Mullins.

12-3 Garden City 20:22: Bruno scores her fourth of the day.

11-3 Garden City 21:12: Ranagan scores her second fo the day.

Erin Mullins comes in to replace Weis in net for the Trojans.

HALFTIME: 11-2 Garden City

Alex Bruno 3 goals 1 assist, Jenna Fuchs 1 goal 1 assist, Catherine Dickinson 1 goal, Mikaela Rix 3 goals, Barbara Sullivan 1 goal, Caroline Tarzian 2 goals 1 assist, Kelly Weis 1 save

Lindsay Scoot 1 goal, Stefanie Ranagan 1 goal, Nikki Fioretti 1 assist, Katie Frederick 4 saves

1st Half:

11-2 Garden City 1:50: Lindsay Scott scores for the Cornhuskers.

11-1 Garden City 2:38: Stefanie Ranagan scores on a pass from Nikki Fioretti. The shutout is over for Weis.

The starters are making their way off the field

11-0 Garden City 7:30: Bruno notches her hat trick and the starters are slowly coming out of this one.

10-0 Garden City 9:33: Bruno scores unassisted for her second of the game.

9-0 Garden City 12:48: Tarzian scores her second goal in nine seconds.

8-0 Garden City 12:57: Tarzian scores on a pass from Bruno

7-0 Garden City 13:16: Sullivan scores on a bouncer trough the 5-hole

6-0 Garden City 15:02: Fuchs scores an unassisted goal and the route is on here i

5-0 Garden City 15:02: Catherine Dickinson gets on the board with a slow bouncer.

Kelly Weis makes a nice aggressive play to steal a Yorktown pass.

Rix and Sullivan just mow over a Yorktown attack and steal the ball easily. 16:30 left in the half.

A rare misstep by Barbara Sullivan who false starts on a free position and turns the ball over.

4-0 Garden City 20:49: Rix with a hat trick in less than five minutes of play with an assist from Jenna Fuchs. Yorktown calls a timeout. The Trojans are scoring a goal a minute and totally blowing away the Cornhuskers.

3-0 Garden City 21:31: Rix nets a second on a nice dish from Caroline Tarzian.

2-0 Garden City 22:44: Mikaela Rix outruns a Yorktown defender for about 35 yards and scores with ease.

1-0 Garden City 23:47: Alexandra Bruno scores on a free position to put the Trojans on the board early.

Yorktown starters: Scott-Fioretti-Kurpis-Ranagan-Berne-Makar-Hosgkinson-Scott-Cartelli-Raniolo-Raniolo-Frederick

Garden City introduced first and its the standard lineup for the Trojans: Bruno-Butcher-Fuchs-Attanasio-Dickinson-Rix-Sullivan-McTiernan-Schmitt-Nesi-Tarzian-Weis