The correct configuration of a pack of Alysena 28: Rows...

The correct configuration of a pack of Alysena 28: Rows 1, 2 and 3: Seven (7) pink tablets per row (21 active pills); Row 4: Seven (7) white tablets (inactive/placebo pills). Any other configuration is incorrect, and should be returned to the pharmacy, the manufacturer said. Credit: Handout

Canadian drug company Apotex has issued a voluntary urgent recall of their birth control Alysena 28 due to a potential manufacturing error.

Packs from lot number LF01899A have the potential to contain two rows of placebo pills (14 instead of only 7) and only two rows of active birth control pills.

In the case that you have one of these packages, Apotex recommends using a secondary form of non-hormonal contraception until you can see your physician and/or pharmacist.

The company posted on their website, "We would ask that if you have received ALYSENA™ 28 lot LF01899A or have questions regarding this recall, please contact Stericycle at 866-367-4537."

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