Cover of the book ' Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: 100...

Cover of the book ' Healthy Eating During Pregnancy: 100 Recipes for a Nutritious Delicious Nine Months " by Erika Lenkert , Brooke R. Alpert Credit: None/

HEALTHY EATING DURING PREGNANCY: 100 Recipes for a Nutritious, Delicious Nine Months, by Erika Lenkert, with Brooke Alpert. Kyle Books, 144 pp., $16.95.

So, you're pregnant -- congratulations! And now, you can relax and eat for two. . . .

Well, actually . . . no, say authors Lenkert, a food and health writer ("The Real Deal Pregnancy Guide"), and Alpert, a nutritionist (her B Nutritious is Manhattan-based) who also worked with

You don't need any extra calories during the first trimester, they say. After that, you should be eating only (sigh) 285 extra calories a day -- or about one Snickers bar (which, of course, they don't recommend -- try their easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bars, instead).

THE SCOOP There's a lot of detailed info about the best foods to eat during pregnancy and what to avoid (no sushi, unpasteurized foods and so on).

THE BOTTOM LINE Great photos show off recipes that seem easy and look delicious -- even for family members who aren't pregnant. Not-so-naughty nachos, anyone?

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