Desire to be thin In a culture that projects the message that you can never be too thin, a study says genetic factors may make some women susceptible to that ideal. Almost half the reason some women are more likely to succumb to pressure to be lean can be explained by differences in genetic makeup, research suggests. Some women may have risk factors: They are predisposed to want to be thin, and have family members, friends or activities reinforcing that, according to the study in the International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Stress study

It's good to be the boss. How good? New research suggests that leaders suffer from less stress than people in less powerful positions. The findings in the new study don't prove that leadership is a natural stress reliever, however. It's possible that people with lower anxiety levels are better able to tolerate being at the top of the ladder. Still, the research "does point to the importance of gaining leadership and a sense of control that would buffer against stress," said Gary Sherman of Harvard, the study's lead author. -- HealthDay

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