Potentially dangerous blood clots in the legs known as deep venous thromboses got the nickname "economy class syndrome" from widely publicized incidents involving passengers on long-haul flights. However, new guidelines from the American College of Chest Physicians warn that, regardless of whether you sit in economy or first class, it's better to sit on the aisle. Dr. Gordon H. Guyatt, chair of the panel, said that it's important to move around on a long flight. "And if you're in a window seat, you are probably more willing to sit for long periods of time being uncomfortable because you are reluctant to make anybody else move to let you out." The new recommendations are published in the February issue of CHEST.

Facebook can hurt

Using Facebook can be bad for people with low self-esteem, a new study suggests. Canadian researchers found people with low self-esteem deluge their Facebook friends with negative details about their lives, which makes them less likable. The findings were published Feb. 7 in the journal Psychological Science.

-- HealthDay

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