Overeating is more fattening for those who have a close relative with diabetes, a study found.

Adults who have at least one immediate relative with type-2 diabetes and who consumed 1,250 calories more than required daily gained 55 percent more weight than those without the close ties. The study at the Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia, is the first to compare the effects of experimental overfeeding in people with and without a family history of type-2 diabetes. It appeared Monday in the medical journal Diabetologia.

The researchers compared the effects of 28 days of overfeeding on 17 adults who have a family history of type-2 diabetes and 24 who have no known genetic predisposition. Both groups led sedentary lifestyles but were healthy and were allowed to select what they ate.

Those with a family history of diabetes gained an average of 7.48 pounds over four weeks, compared with a 4.4 pound-gain in the group without. The increase in fat was closely aligned with the amount of weight gained, researchers said.

- Bloomberg News

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