Over the past two decades, hearing loss due to "recreational" noise exposure, such as blaring club music, has risen among adolescent girls, and now it approaches levels previously seen only among adolescent boys, a new study suggests. And teens as a whole are increasingly exposed to loud noises that could place their long-term auditory health in jeopardy, said the researchers from the School of Public Health at Harvard Medical School in Boston. - HealthDay

Mood as sweet as sugar

Ohio State University researchers say that lemonade sweetened with sugar appears to help people simmer down. In the study, people who drank a glass of lemonade with sugar acted with less aggression toward a stranger they met a few minutes later than those who had lemonade with a sugar substitute. The scientists attribute that to glucose, a sugar that fuels the brain. The short-term energy appeared to help people keep their tempers under wraps, according to study co-author Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State. - McClatchy-Tribune

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