Thursday will be a fine spring day, with sunshine, a daytime high of 67 degrees and calm breezes expected, the forecasters said.

Long Islanders can expect similar weather — aside from possible sprinkles — through next Wednesday, the National Weather Service said.

This stretch of fair weather springs from a high pressure system now heading east from the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley, which then should dominate the area, the weather service explained.

Air falls to the Earth in high pressure systems, cooling and drying, instead of forming clouds. Blue skies typically result.

Temperatures over the next week will hover in the upper 60s to low 70s during the days, and slip to the low 50s at night.

Friday’s sunny skies will perhaps give way to isolated showers before 10 p.m., the weather service said.

They may result from a trough — an elongated area of fairly low pressure — developing in the afternoon and evening, it explained. The odds of rain are 30%.

The rising air in low pressure systems can condense vapor into clouds and rain.

Saturday also looks promising for outdoors-lovers, with sunshine and a daytime high of 70 degrees predicted, according to the weather service. But once again, it cautioned, there might be some damp moments.

"It should be mostly dry, however (the weather service) cannot rule out a few showers/thunderstorms in the afternoon/early evening," the weather service said.

Sunday’s forecast is almost exactly the same, as that high pressure system remains in control, the weather service said. Again, there may be an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening.

Similarly, for Monday and Tuesday, the weather service said, "Both days look dry for the most part, but will include low chances of showers both days."

After that, Wednesday should be clear and dry, and the warmest day of the period with a daytime high of 72 degrees predicted.