Former President Donald Trump speaks to the media after hearing the...

Former President Donald Trump speaks to the media after hearing the verdict Thursday at his hush money trial in Manhattan. Credit: AP/Michael M. Santiago

The American system of justice works. Former President Donald Trump was found guilty Thursday because he is guilty “Guilty on all counts in hush money trial,” News, May 31].

The American system of justice is what separates us from most of the world. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Libertarian, you should embrace the system and accept — not necessarily agree with — this verdict. It’s called being an American.

I realize the system is not perfect and has flaws, but it’s the best system in the world. Don’t let the political pundits and those seeking political favors cloud your faith in the American system of justice. Justice is not about political affiliation. It’s about the evidence presented to 12 ordinary Americans who weigh evidence and must find guilt “beyond any reasonable doubt.”

— Jim Kiernan, Holbrook

Some say there were no victims in the hush money trial. I say that we are all victims. Donald Trump’s disregard for our laws and election process has caused complete disruption and chaos in our democracy. His self-serving, shady activities have changed the makeup of this country for decades to come. There is now distrust in our legal system, disbelief in our election outcomes, and there is a hostility between political parties that has never been witnessed to this degree before.

As we wait for his sentencing on July 11 and move closer to November’s election, it is imperative that we remind ourselves that this election is no longer between left and right, conservative and liberal. It’s about assuring our democracy and freedoms. And if you don’t see that, you need to start paying attention.

— Elizabeth Aquino, Amityville

In the aftermath of his felony conviction, Donald Trump claimed that the legal proceedings against him were orchestrated by President Joe Biden’s administration to damage him politically.

It seems clear that it’s all rigged against Trump with all of Biden’s henchmen having a “Get out of jail free” card in their back pockets. This would explain why everything is so rigged against Trump — because everyone doing the rigging knows they could be pardoned and won’t face any consequences.

Now that Trump is labeled a “convicted felon,” his best counter move would be to make his campaign pivot to “Survive ’Til ’25.”

— Eugene R. Dunn, Medford

No, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg didn’t convict Donald Trump.

No, Judge Juan M. Merchan didn’t convict Trump.

It was a jury of his peers, New Yorkers like you and me, who convicted him.

It was the evidence, documents, testimony and audio recordings that convicted him.

Nothing was “rigged,” which is just Trump projecting what happens in his world when he rigs things like real estate values or payments to hide stories that could hurt him.

If witnesses could have exonerated Trump, why didn’t his defense call them? More important, if he was innocent, why didn’t he testify in his own defense?

Trump is a felon. He should accept it and stop making excuses for himself.

— Phil Cicciari, Port Washington

It was disappointing but not unexpected to see local Republicans denounce the conviction as unfair [“What LI and NYC politicians had to say, in their own words,” News, May 31].

They allege the judge, prosecutor and jury are hopelessly biased because they live in New York. Apparently, they have no concerns with U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, who owes her job to Donald Trump, overseeing his federal documents case. Apparently, nothing is “fair” unless it’s rigged for a Republican win, including elections.

You would think they would have the decency to respect the courts and their constituents, but I guess the chance to hold Trump’s umbrella again is too important to pass up.

— Cynthia Lovecchio, Remsenburg

Much credit should be given to the brave jurors who did their civic duty. They sought the truth, knowing they could be bullied and threatened for doing so. This bravery is what keeps our country a democracy and not one threatened by autocratic control.

— Diane McGuire, Northport

A jury was asked to decide which of two liars was telling the truth. Fortunately, they chose to believe the evidence. Hopefully, most of our nation will do the same thing in November and reject those who would continue to mangle and gut America.

— James Moyssiadis, Mount Sinai

Let’s look at some of the facts here, and indeed they are facts: We have a Manhattan district attorney who actually ran on a platform of getting Donald Trump, although he had no charges at the time. We have misdemeanors, no longer valid due to statutes of limitations, that somehow got reborn into a felony. We have a partisan judge who donates to Democratic causes, with a daughter who is actually a Democratic operative, who will not recuse himself.

How is this not a political hit job? The party always whining about “democracy” will do anything to keep Trump off the ballot or ruin him financially.

— Joe Cesare, Copiague

Donald Trump will go down as our worst president in history, branded as a convicted felon. He will always be branded as a convicted sexual predator. He will always be branded as a loser. Always.

— Ben Milano, Lindenhurst

The Republican Party will no doubt continue to support a convicted felon as its presidential nominee who falsely repeats that the trial was rigged.

This lays bare the GOP’s contempt for the rule of law and our judicial system. Combine this with its distrust of our electoral system.

The path toward authoritarianism looms large when partisan loyalty trumps our democratic principles.

— Martin Geller, Manhasset

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