It was expected Alex Rodriguez long expected interview with federal authorities would take place today in Buffalo but the third baseman said late Friday afternoon that wasn't the case.

“There was no meeting, no meeting today,” Rodriguez said.

As he was leaving the ballpark Thursday Rodriguez said he was going "home."

“Home is Tampa," Rodriguez said today. "Not Buffalo.”

It had been reported Rodriguez would fly to Buffalo Thursday night and meet with the Feds this morning but Rodriguez said he stayed in Florida Thursday.

“Yeah. Nothing was ever scheduled."

He didn't suggest reports earlier in the week saying the meeting would take place Friday were wrong, though...

"You're not supposed to believe everything you read," he said.  

Rodriguez said the "hope" is something takes place, both between him and the Feds and him and MLB, which also wants to talk to him, before Opening Day. 

"No guarantees but that is certainly the hope and we’re confident it will be," he said. 

A-Rod also said it's not his side that has been the reason for the delay. 

"No, we’re not delaying," he said. "I don’t think anyone is to blame. I think we all have the same goal in mind which is to cooperate with both parties and we’re going to move forward and everything’s going to be fine."  

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