Yankees general Manager Brian Cashman holds a press conference at...

Yankees general Manager Brian Cashman holds a press conference at Yankee stadium where he discussed the state of the team. (Oct 1, 2013) Credit: Bruce Gilbert

Brian Cashman addressed what, to date, is the silliest controversy of this Yankees offseason.

That somehow he and his manager have vastly different thoughts on Alex Rodriguez's role in 2015.

"Are we on the same page? Absolutely," Cashman said Wednesday afternoon on Day 3 of the general managers meetings.

Girardi and Cashman spoke about A-Rod separately on Tuesday, with each creating a headline or two. Girardi spoke in New York, at a USO event at the Stadium, and laid down his expectations for the 39-year-old who is coming off a season-long suspension.

"We are preparing him to play third base," Girardi said. "But, obviously, I think there are going to be some DH days in there. You have to see where he is at. He is going to be 40. He hasn't played a whole lot in the last couple of years. Our hope is that he comes back and he is a very productive player for us."

Cashman spoke of uncertainty as well, though without the "preparing him to play third base" preamble.

"I don't know what to expect from him," Cashman said. "You hope that he can contribute in a significant way but we'll have to wait and see how that plays out. But in the meantime I have to look for whatever ways to improve the club and discuss those with ownership."

Cashman said the somewhat differing takes, though not all that different, weren't indicative of any kind of a split between him and his manager when it comes to Rodriguez.

"Joe's job and my job are different jobs," Cashman said. "Joe as manager has to manage the 25-man roster. He's hired to coach 'em up and put them in the best position to feel good and succeed. My job right now is different than Joe's job. I have to get as much talent to Joe as I possibly can and also approach realistic expectations. Joe's on the same page without a doubt . . . It's just sometimes depending on the forum and the conversations or the questions that are being posed on the same day, could you get a different flavor maybe? That's all right. We're definitely on the same page."

Cashman said he texted with Rodriguez on Tuesday, though the topic of the veteran's role didn't come up.

"Just about his workouts," Cashman said. "I haven't talked to him about what his role is."

Cashman said Tuesday that if he acquires a third baseman this offseason -- Chase Headley, one of the club's own free agents, is the top target -- that player will be the everyday third baseman. That would relegate A-Rod to DH duties with, perhaps, a day or two a week to spell Mark Teixeira at first.

Would A-Rod accept a reserve role?

"Hope not," Cashman said. "You don't want players that accept diminished roles. You want 25 guys who are all fighting for as much playing time as they possibly can get and earn."

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