Pitchers Phil Hughes. Joba Chamberlain and Boone Logan are all eligible for salary arbitration.  It is a reminder that late owner George Steinbrenner abhorred the process.

In 1987, Don Mattingly asked for a salary of $1,975,000, which turned out to be the largest arbitration ever awarded. Steinbrenner blew up and said, ``The monkey is clearly on his back…I’ll expect him to carry us to a World Series championship…He’s like all the rest of them now. He can’t play little Jack Armstrong of Evansville, Indiana. He goes into the category of modern-player-with-agent looking for the bucks. Money means everything to him.’’

Years earlier, Steinbrenner had railed against former team counsel Ed Broderick when catcher Rick Cerone won his arbitration hearing. As recounted in Bill Madden’s book ``Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball, ''  the Boss called Broderick a ``---- idiot,’’ over the phone and hung up.

Steinbrenner called back and said,  "OK, Broderick, you lost and it's your fault, so this is what we're going to do. Monday is the Presidents Day holiday, and everybody up there was planning to have the day off, right? Well, you tell each and every one person in the office that, because you lost the Cerone case, they all have to work a full day Monday. You got that?"

Steinbrenner let everyone go home at 1p.m. Except Broderick.


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