Yankees rightfielder Carlos Beltran, who had a good season in...

Yankees rightfielder Carlos Beltran, who had a good season in 2015, has one year left on his contract. Credit: Jim McIsaac

The current company line for the Yankees is about getting younger and more athletic. Carlos Beltran doesn’t fit the description. But he showed with a .292 second half last season that he still can hit.

The 38-year-old rightfielder has one year to go on his three-year, $45-million deal. Beltran told Newsday on Thursday night during a promotional appearance in Manhattan that he will decide whether his career is over when this coming season — No. 19 in the big leagues — reaches its conclusion.

“Right now, honestly, sometimes I feel I want to play more; sometimes I feel I don’t know if this is the last year or not,” Beltran said. “This year, I know I have a commitment, and it’s important for me. Hopefully, this year, we’ll get the chance to get deeper into the playoffs and hopefully win a championship.

“Based on how the year goes, I will make a decision at the end of the year. If I’ve got one year left, then I will go for it. And if I feel like I have enough, then I will go home.”

The Yankees traded last month for one of those younger, athletic players, Aaron Hicks, who has played all three outfield spots.

“Last year, I was the rightfielder, and I expect this year to show up in great condition like I always do and work hard,” Beltran said. “At the end of the day, that’s not in my hands what the team wants to do. I believe I can play rightfield . . . And I believe I can help the team.”

And he believes he can be a mentor to Hicks.

“I want to be there to help him out as much as I can,” Beltran said. “Hopefully, I can be a good impact on him.”

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