1. Jeter

2. Swisher

3. Teixeira

4. Rodriguez

5. Cano

6. Posada

7. Berkman

8. Granderson

9. Gardner

Red Sox:

1. Ellsbury

2. Scutaro

3. Ortiz

4. Martinez

5. Drew

6. Beltre

7. Kalish

8. Hall

9. Cash

- Alex Rodriguez is back in the lineup after missing yesterday when he got hit by a Lance Berkman line drive in the leg in batting practice. Well placed sources indicate Rodriguez escaped BP without getting drilled again today.

- Derek Jeter needs three hits to tie Mel Ott for 38th on the All-Time hits list. He currently has 2,873, tied with Babe Ruth.

- Dustin Moseley is pitching after A.J. Burnett was scratched with back spasms. People sometimes think players are faking things and should pitch through pain, but take it from a guy who's had back surgery and has back spasms: they're terrible.

Back with more after I do some newspaper work.

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